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Bad Idea

I’ve just had a weird fuckin’ day.

It actually started yesterday.  I had done yoga earlier in the day.  I wanted to give my body a rest since I had done a combination of running/spinning for the four days prior. 

My friend called me because she had to go to the ER, so I was on the phone with her.  I felt tired, so I laid down in bed.  I guess I was tired, since I slept for two hours.  Hard.  You know how you take a nap sometimes and you wake up groggier than when you laid down?  This was that type of nap.  I needed a nap from that nap.

But I didn’t go back to bed.  I stayed up, because I screwed up my sleep pattern.  I still felt groggy when I went to bed for the night, and slept hard again.  But when I got up this morning, I still felt not so great.  I didn’t feel sick, I just felt fatigued.  But I knew I had to run today because I have a race on Saturday.  I did 5 miles on Sunday, and today was a 4 mile run (it’s a 10K on Saturday).

I felt like crap the entire run.  It was a combo of the running/spinning (my legs especially felt fatigued), the nap from yesterday (I had an awareness in my eyes, not exactly a headache but it’s something I get when I sleep too much), and I think the detox.

I’m not eating simple carbs, and I use them for energy especially when I run.  While my splits weren’t drastic, I felt no spark at the end of my run like I normally do.

My bad idea here is this 10K on Saturday.  I have no idea how I can carb up and give myself energy before the race and not starve myself of oxygen and energy.  But now I have the shakes and it’s fatigue city.  I also had a bad time running.  All in all, a crappy day.

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